Complete crypto exchange solution

Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with an industry leading solution, provided by a team with more than a hundred years of experience in building ultra scalable systems for fintech and blockchain start-ups. TGE provides customizable solutions with full source code an the ability to integrate a variety of settings to tailor your own digital asset exchange.
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Our exchange offering

Minimum viable product
Launching your own cryptocurrency exchange? Start your cryptocurrency exchange with a product based on a battle-tested and time-proven solution, currently being used by hundreds thousand of traders and over 32 financial organizations. If you you have individual preferences - tap to our enterprise (centralized) solution.
Decentralized exchange
TGE provides the best decentralized P2P cryptocurrency exchange solution provider having expertised blockchain developers on board that delivers robust software for your customers where Individuals (buyers & sellers) are the only participants.
Centralized exchange
Tge is delivering the most robust and scalable enterprise cryptocurrency centralized exchange software solutions to support the customers in technological aspects of trading software challenges globally. Our team fulfill all your requests, maintaining high performance and high-level security.


Customizable and Flexible
Each customer is unique and so are their respective needs. Our exchange software recognizes this and hence offers extensive capabilities and possibilities for customization. The software offers the liberty to make any suitable, big to small, customization needed to cater to the user needs.
Robust and Scalable Architect.
Thanks to the ultra scalable nature of the product, TGE is able to adapt to increased workload and fulfill your growing operational demands with no loss on performance or efficiency. TGE is ready to grow with your business.
Security at its Core
TGE is protected from all potential threats and attacks, and ensures that funds are kept safe. The solution employs the most advanced security controls, powerful encryption algorithms, robust technology and best practises.
Smart back office
TGE equips you with an advanced admin platform which contains everything you need to manage the trading environment successfully.
TGE develops the most easy to use platforms you will find on the market. The intuitive controls and smart designs greatly improve usability and enhance user experience. Thus, your clients start trading sooner, you have a higher conversion and a better retention.
Reasonable pricing
Our head office is located in Russia, thanks to which we can hire the best specialists in programming, fintech and internet security, leaving prices 30-50% below market prices, providing the best product.
Centralized stack technologies
React, Redux, REST API, Socket.IO (Websocket)
Node.JS, Express, PostgreSQL, Tarantool, gRPC (microservice intercom), Socket.IO
Decentralized stack technologies
React, Redux, REST API, Socket.IO (Websocket)
Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, Socket.IO, Solidity (smart contract)
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